Opening extra-sensory perception

This category of psychospiritual crisis includes extra-sensory perception and other parapsychological phenomena.

Extra-sensory perception during the stay outside the body is one of the most dramatic experiences. It also includes precognitions, ie phenomena such as predicting the future, divination, telepathic experiences, poltergeist phenomena ie contact with ghosts. Also included is the C. G. Jung experience described as synchronicity, or "meaningful coincidence of two or more events, something other than a random probability" /Jung, 1997/. Fear of mental illness is an important therapeutic step in finding such a framework of our mind that will allow the experience to be accepted as an option offered by widespread consciousness. It is important to draw attention to the phenomenon that applies to all categories of crisis but is most typical of this. It is a stage of inflation - inflation of the Self. The discovery of new abilities will translate into increased self-esteem. The possibility of changing perception becomes food for the Self, and attention can be diverted from spiritual development elsewhere. This is a trap, and our task is often to accompany patiently until I mature.

Additional information about this category /quotes from the book: Grof, Stanislav. Grof, Christina. Crisis of spiritual development. Prague: Chvojka Publishing, 1999. ISBN 80-86183-09-2/

All states of the spiritual crisis are characterized by an increased incidence of intuitive abilities and various paranormal phenomena. In some cases, however, the influx of information from unusual sources (intuition, telepathy or clairvoyance) is so massive and chaotic that it completely dominates the image and is a major problem. Out-of-body experiences are among the most dramatic manifestations of the opening of extrasensory perception. Through these experiences, consciousness seemed to move away from the body and circulate independently and freely around. Thus, the individual can observe himself/herself from above, see what is happening in the vicinity, or even perceive events taking place in places miles away. Such off-body travel often occurs in near-death situations: systematic research has repeatedly demonstrated the credibility of this distance vision. A person experiencing a dramatic opening of extra-sensory abilities is sometimes in such close contact with the inner mental processes of others that he/she manifests telepathic abilities. Such an individual often verbally verbalizes his/her exact insights into the contents of the minds of others, which can sometimes irritate or scare his/her surroundings and lead to completely unnecessary hospitalization. Precise anticipation of future situations, as well as clairvoyant perceptions of distant situations (especially if they often recur and come in impressive sequences), can disrupt not only those who experience them but also their close persons, as these are seriously threatening our concept of reality. In so-called media experiences, one experiences a loss of one's own identity and acquires the identity of another individual. This experience also involves taking on a person's body shape, posture, gestures, facial expression, feelings, and even thought processes. Recognized shamans, clairvoyants, and spiritual healers use such experiences in a controlled and productive way. In spiritual crises, however, their sudden and unpredictable occurrence, associated with the loss of personal identity (which usually accompanies them), can give a very menacing impression. Sometimes the life of a person in crisis is filled with a series of strange and unexpected coincidences linking the world of inner realities (dreams and visionary states) with the events of everyday life. This phenomenon was first recognized and described by Jung and called synchronicity. It is important to realize that such an exceptional meaningful coincidence is an authentic phenomenon that should not be neglected or dismissed as a manifestation of delusional thinking in contemporary psychiatry. Exceptional manifestations of synchronicity are accompanied by various forms of psychospiritual crisis, especially when they are caused by the sudden development of extra-sensory capabilities.