Awakening the energy of the Kundalini

This is the most common form of psychospiritual crisis. Sometimes there is also talk of snake power or energy - shakti. The concept has its origin in the Indian spiritual tradition. According to the Hindu and Buddhist Tantric schools, Kundalini is the creative energy of the universe and represents the feminine principle.

Although it appears in its purest form in India, it has important parallels in other cultures and religious communities. In a certain sense, Kundalini awakening can be recognized as the central mechanism underlying the various forms of dramatic emotional, psychosomatic, and spiritual manifestations that could be considered as manifestations of psychopathology in Western medicine. Tantric schools have developed chakra maps to describe the physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations of the Kundalini awakening in detail. Regardless of the difficulties that the Kundalini awakening brings, it is generally considered to be the energy through that the treatment of psychosomatic difficulties, positive personality restructuring, and consciousness development comes from. Due to its extraordinary and often extraordinary way of manifesting force, the whole process of its awakening is taken very seriously and the assistance of an experienced guide is always recommended.

The process of Kundalini awakening, as described in the Indian literature, is often accompanied by dramatic physical and psychological manifestations.

Here are just a few examples /Greenwald, 2002/:

Additional information about this category /quote from the book: Grof, Stanislav. Grof, Christina. Crisis of spiritual development. Prague: Chvojka Publishing, 1999. ISBN 80-86183-09-2/

The manifestations of this form of crisis correspond to the descriptions of the awakening of the snake force, or kundalini, known from historical Indian literature. In the opinion of the yogis, the Kundalini is a form of creative cosmic energy, which is a hidden form resides at the base of the human spine. This power can be activated by meditation, by specific exercises, by the intervention of a summoned spiritual master, or by a spiritual master, or incentives not yet known.

The awakened Kundalini rises up through the channels of the "etheric body" described by yogic literature as a field of non-physical energy surrounding and intertwining the physical body. As it rises, it purges one from traces of traumatic experiences and opens up centers of psychic energy called chakras. Although highly appreciated and considered beneficial in the yogic tradition, this process is not without danger and requires expert guidance by the so-called guru whose Kundalini is fully awakened and stabilized.

The most dramatic symptoms of this awakening are the physical and mental manifestations called kriya. They can experience intense sensations of energy and heat flowing up the spine, coupled with strong vibrations, convulsions, and writhing movements. A powerful rush of seemingly unmotivated emotions (anxiety, anger, sadness, or joy and ecstatic trance) can emerge to the surface and, for some time, dominate the psyche.

Very common are visions of bright light or various archetypal beings, a diverse range of intrinsically perceived sounds or experiences that seem to be memories of past lives. This image completes inadvertent and often uncontrolled behavior: speaking foreign languages, singing unknown songs, engaging in yoga positions and gestures, as well as imitating many animal sounds and movements.

Recently, unmistakable signs of this process have been observed in thousands of Westerners. The California psychiatrist and ophthalmologist Lee Sannella, who was the first to introduce Kundalini Syndrome into Western professional circles, has himself reported nearly a thousand such cases.