Differences between spiritual awakening and psychospiritual crisis

Spiritual awakening / psychospiritual experience

Psychospiritual crisis

Internal experiences are variable, mild and easy to integrate. The inner experiences are dynamic, impact and difficult to integrate.
New spiritual insights are welcome, desirable and broad. New spiritual insights can sometimes be both philosophically challenging and threatening.
Gradual spilling of thoughts and insights into real life. A stunning rush of experiences and insights.
Peaceful and manageable energy experiences. Experiences of shock vibration, the energy that disrupts everyday life.
An easy distinguishing between internal and external experiences, the transition from one to another. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish internal and external experiences, or they manifest simultaneously.
Easy integration of extraordinary states of consciousness into everyday life. Inner experiences disrupt everyday life.
A slow and gradual change in awareness of oneself and the outside world. A sudden and rapid shift in the perception of oneself and the outside world.
The enthusiasm of inner experiences, willingness and ability to work with them. Ambivalence towards inner experiences, however willingness, and ability to work with them under professional guidance.
Acceptance of change. Resistance to change.
Willingness to give up self-control. The need for self-control.
Belief in the ongoing process. Antipathy and distrust of the ongoing process.
Challenging experiences are considered an opportunity for change. Challenging experiences are devastating, often unwelcome.
Positive experiences are considered a gift. Positive experiences difficult to accept, seem to be undeserved and can be painful.
Less frequent need to talk about experiences. Frequent and urgent need to talk about experiences.
They choose when, how and with whom to talk about the process. They don't choose when, how and with whom to talk about the process.