Experiences of encountering extraterrestrial beings and UFOs

It occurs as a personal experience of certain forms of communication, or close contact with, or abduction by, alien beings. We find various forms of testimony, ranging from describing peaceful and welcome contacts to involuntary invasive kidnappings. It is important to stress that we are exploring the experience of the one who comes to us, not the reality of the kidnapping. We do not test credibility but we express our support in sharing something so unreal.

Whether physical or psychological, this does not detract from the importance of UFOs as a symbol. C. G. Jung deals with the UFO phenomenon in his book Mysterious on the horizon /Jung, 1999/. It is recommended to investigate UFOs as an archetype.

Typically, the following stages are described by those who experience:

The description resembles an initiation ritual and is approaching the modern form of the shamanic crisis.

/Also here, similarly to the image of a psychospiritual crisis, where the main manifestation is the non-sensory experience - psychic opening, it may be easy to interpret these experiences in the sense of "inflation of the Self". "I am so special that I attract the interest of higher beings from advanced civilizations."/

Additional information about this category /quotes from the book: Grof, Stanislav. Grof, Christina. Crisis of spiritual development. Prague: Chvojka Publishing, 1999. ISBN 80-86183-09-2/

Experiencing encounters with objects that look like extraterrestrial spacecraft or creatures, or even abduction experiences with these beings, can often trigger a serious emotional and intellectual crisis that has many features in common with states of the spiritual crisis. Jung has given a special study to "flying saucers" and suggests that these phenomena could be more archetypal vision-based on the collective unconsciousness of mankind than extraterrestrial visits to distant civilizations. He illustrates his theory by careful analysis of the legends of flying saucers that were born over the course of human history and reporting on their actual discovery, occasionally causing crises and mass panic.

Descriptions of UFO observations typically mention lights of unusual supernatural quality, reminiscent of the glow mentioned in many reports of visionary states. It is often emphasized that the protagonists of these encounters have strong parallels in the world of mythology and religion, which are based on the collective unconscious.

Reports of kidnappings often include events such as physical examinations and scientific experiments that participants perceive as unimaginable torment. This brings them closer to the shamanic crises and the hard trials that participants in initiation rituals of transition in indigenous cultures have to undergo.

The motive of the alien spaceships and spaceflights described by those who were supposedly invited to such a ride has its parallels in spiritual literature: let us recall the chariot of the Vedic god Indra or the fire engine in the biblical Ezekiel's interpretation. Mythical landscapes and cities visited during such trips reminiscent of the visions of paradise, celestial spheres, and cities of light.

There is another reason for our assumption that the experience of encountering UFOs can trigger a spiritual crisis; we have already dealt with a similar problem in connection with spiritual guides and channeling.

Foreign visitors are often seen as members of civilizations standing at an incomparably higher level of development than we are - not only technologically but also intellectually, morally and spiritually. Such contacts usually have a strong mystical color and are associated with deep insights of cosmic significance.

For those who have received such special attention, it is very easy to interpret these experiences in a way that indicates their own uniqueness. They may feel that they are attracting the interest of higher beings from advanced civilizations because they are somehow exceptional and particularly suitable for special purposes.

In Jungian terminology, such a situation where an individual claims that the archetypal world uncontrollably desires his own person, is called "ego inflation".

It follows from the above that there are good reasons for the hypothesis that "close encounters" lead to transpersonal crises. In order to properly assimilate their experiences, people exposed to the strange world of UFO phenomena need the help of experts who are familiar with both archetypal psychology and the basic characteristics of the phenomenon described.